Exam revision: Top 10 preparation tips

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Hey gorgeous people!

Today’s post is a little bit different from my usual beauty and fashion posts, falling under my lifestyle category. I thought that since I am graduating from university this year I am quite experienced in all things education, so why not start a little series right before the dreadful exam period where I share all my tips with you ūüôā

First in this series is the actual preparation for revision before you start. A lot of people don’t prepare for the revision period and just jump straight into it, which usually ends up being more stressful in the long run.

Let’s jump into it!

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  1. Syllabus

Knowing what is expected from you for the exam is probably the most important thing you need to prepare! Why would you want to spend time revising something that will definitely not come up on the paper? So find it, read it and keep it handy!

2.  Creating a past paper collection

Personally, I find that past papers are an essential part of all revision. They give you a proper feel of what to expect from the exam and they allow you to put your revised knowledge into use! Make sure that before starting revision you have all the available past papers at the ready, whether they are printed or saved on your computer, you will be so happy you got them ready once you want to give them a go ūüėČ

3. Organising and collecting your notes/resources

Once you find out what your syllabus contains you should prepare your resources for revision! Whether it is handwritten notes, textbooks or revision guides, make sure you have them all in one pile and not scattered in all your random folders, cupboards, etc. Once you’re in a revision mode and you need that one piece of information from that class you had 5 months ago, rummaging through all your things is probably the last thing you want to be doing.

I arrange my notes by date and the order we had the classes in so that when I revise in a chronological order I know exactly where to find everything!

4. Revision planner (FREE printable!)

Creating a revision plan is a great tool of estimating how much time you can spend on the different aspects of your revision. It doesn’t have to be super detailed with the exact topics you will be doing at a specific hour but a rough estimate of what subject you would want to be doing that day. Remember to fill in your actual exam times in a bold, red pen to know what you’re working towards!

It can also work as a sort of to-do list, which you can refer to every day!

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5. Thinking about your revision space

For successful revision, you will need a perfect revision space. Do you work better in complete silence or louder spaces? Do you work better alone or in a group? Do you like working at home or are you easily distracted with the fridge and TV being so close by? Decide on a few possible work areas to have ready in your mind for when you start revising. Libraries, cafes, home, whatever you wish!

6. Music vs. no music?

For those who don’t like working in complete silence you could create a music playlist or what I do is use 8tracks.com, which has lots of pre-made playlists ready for you! You could also try out using apps and websites providing white noise, eg. cafe background sounds. Great options are¬†https://coffitivity.com/ or¬†https://noisli.com/ – they are marketed to boost focus and improve productivity so give them a go and see if it helps you!

7. Buying supplies

Make sure you have all your supplies you wish to use for revision before you begin. Pens, highlighters, notebooks, cue cards, post-it notes, printer paper, ink cartridges, all of the things! Will save you a lot of stress if you have spare printer cartridges handy when your printer gives up on printing those super important¬†files a day before the exam ūüėČ

8. Determine what your revision style is

Everyone learns differently and so it is important that you figure out what type of learner you are and what revision techniques will work best for you. Personally, I am a visual learner. I need tonnes of colourful diagrams, using highlighters in full swing, everything nicely printed and bound to make it all look pretty for the eye. Might seem like wasting time but I learn throughout the process of creating my revision notes so for me it’s a win-win situation ūüėČ

PS. If you’d like I can make a post on revision techniques for a visual learner or a general post on determining what type of learner you are! Let me know ūüôā

9. Be realistic

BE REALISTIC. Leave enough time. Start early. As simple as that.

10. Think about a reward ūüėČ

This may sound a bit cheesy but thinking about what you could reward yourself with after all this revision is done is a great way to get motivated! For me it’s handbags, makeup or even a flavoured Starbucks drink ūüėČ But it could be something as simple as going with friends to your favourite restaurant or spending a day in bed catching up on your fave TV show, cos why not? After all your hard work, you deserve it!


This sums up my top 10 tips for preparing for the revision period! It took me a few years¬†to devise a perfect revision ritual but I think I pretty much got there ūüėČ

Hope you find some of these useful and I will soon be posting more content on exam revision.

What is your top tip for preparing for exam revision? Will you use any of my suggestions?

Love from,

Sara xxx


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