The Naked Goods Review

I’m all about the skincare. I truly believe that a perfect match of skincare for your skin is a must before applying makeup. I have seen huge differences when I have used the right products – my makeup just looks a million times better when my skin is happy. Plus having a light finish foundation is always favoured over a heavy packed on foundation in the hopes of hiding our skin’s imperfections.

This is why when Kate from The Naked Goods contacted me to see if I would be willing to try her products, I was over the moon! Organic and natural products was just what my skin needed!_MG_3887.JPG

I fell in love with using oils on my skin. The Naked Goods The Neat Remedy Oil feels as if you are getting a treatment in a spa – the smell is so relaxing! Hence, I love using it at night to calm my skin before bed. I tried using it in the mornings to, but if I don’t have much time and I want to apply my makeup straight away, oils and foundations don’t go together very well.

A new trick that I have learnt from this brand is to spritz your face with a mist (in this case the Lush Balance Botanical Mist) as it allows the oil to absorb better into the skin – and after trying it, it really does work! Plus the mist is so refreshing! I can’t even explain it in words.IMG_3891.JPG

My next new staple is the Bare Glow Face Mask. It is brightening and hydrating, but what really stands out to me is its consistency and how it applies onto the skin. I never really liked face masks as they would usually dry up and clench my face, which always made me cringe a little. However, this one goes on very smoothly and is colourless so you don’t look as scary as you would with some green or grey masks out there. I am now so tempted to explore more face masks, knowing that good ones actually exist!_MG_3897.JPG

I have also been using the Lip Balm from the range, which is very moisturising and helped a lot with my chapped lips. However, I’m starting to turn away from it as I don’t need as much moisture in the upcoming summer months!

Finally, I also have the face polish and the cleansing clay, which I am still unsure of. I think I might not be using it properly, so if you have ever used these or similar products, let me know what worked best for you!


I’ve realised that this might sound like a massive ad, but it really is my genuine opinion! This post is not sponsored and I am doing it out of my love for the products – yes, I was sent the products and Kate is such a kind person – but all opinions are my own and all true!

If you like what you hear definitely check out The Naked Goods!

Let me know if you have ever tried their products? Do you have any skincare products you have been loving recently?

Lots of love, y’all!

Sara xxx


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