May 2016 Favourites

June 2016 has finally arrived. For 4 years I have been half dreading half looking forward to this month as I have now finished my degree. The date June 2016 has been printed on my student ID card since day 1 and I never really thought this day would come! It is really scary thinking I will not be at university next year, but instead working full time! But I am excited about a new chapter in my life.

Sorry for the oh-so-cheesy intro to this post, but I could not, not mention it to you!

This is also my first time writing a blog post from abroad! I am currently exploring Venice – finally having a break from all the exam stress! 😀

Back to the topic – here are my monthly favourites! Not many this month as I have been revising all day, every day, but these are some good finds 🙂

Sigma – Chanel – Givenchy – Clinique – Zoella Beauty – L’Oreal
Givenchy Mascara – Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Flirt – Sigma F40 brush


Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

Love from,

Sara xxx


8 thoughts on “May 2016 Favourites

      1. Aw yay! That’s awesome, you’re an absolute babe! I recently uploaded a Haul for the first time EVER. It was so scary haha, but seems like it’s paid off. Feel free to subscribe to my channel for more 🙂 Hope you enjoy the read xxxx

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