Burberry Unboxing

Hey lovelies! Long time no see!

I have been absent from the blogosphere for almost 2 months now and I am so so sorry!

Long story short, I have been on and off travelling for the past 2 months with no laptop or decent wifi connection so it was very difficult to post any form of good quality content. So with much regret, I have decided to just put the blog on the side as I travelled and enjoyed my last moments of freedom before I start my job (-still cannot believe I am not a student anymore!)

I am back to my old routine now with a little unboxing video featuring a Burberry trench coat! More specifically (for all of you curious people out there), it is the Sandringham Mid-Length Heritage Trench coat in Honey.

This was a very generous graduation gift from my parents, which I am so grateful for! ❤

IMG_4715 2.JPGHope you like it as much as I do! Let me know what you think 🙂

Hope you have a gorgeous day!

With love,

Sara xx


5 thoughts on “Burberry Unboxing

  1. Hey I love your videos. I was wondering if I could ask some questions about the Burberry. You said that is the honey colored one you bought. I just want to make sure because I’m the Burberry website they make it seem a lot darker than in your video and I just want to make sure because when I see it on your video it’s the perfect color.
    Also, did you happen to try on the cut that is longer than the one you bought? I believe the large cut? If so, where did it fall? Right above your knees? My friend is also 5’7” and want to make sure that the long didn’t go below your knees.
    Thank you so much for your help. I love the coat and your video on it.


    1. Thank you for watching! 🙂 Yes, it is the honey colour (the classic Burberry colour) – but I have noticed it looks different in different lighting, so it varies from a true golden honey colour to lighter beige. There is also a lighter colour than the honey colour, which is a very light beige. Unfortunately, I did not try on the long trench, I tried the shorter one which only just covered my bum. But I think the longer cut would fall just below the knee. Hope this helps! 🙂


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